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Terry Erle Clayton

Someone famous said that a long time ago and it is still true today. Let me show you how you can channel your effort to become an even more productive, efficient and effective writer

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with hundreds of graduate students, researchers, project managers and STEM professionals in nearly 100 organizations from 30 countries. They have taught me so much about writing and the writing process and I am excited that I can now share those insights with you so you can take your writing beyond ordinary to exceptional.

The one common thread that runs through my non-linear career is steady progress as a writer and a teacher of writing. You will hear me say, writing is thinking made visible.

 If you can think, you can write, and conversely, writing will make you a better thinker. ‘Good’ writing is not about grammar and vocabulary, it’s about understanding the psychology of influence via words on paper or screen. Once you have a few simple but powerful insights into the psychology, once you learn to see structure and understand what happens to your words in the reader’s brain, once you start to think about your unique writing process, you can write anything from a research paper to a magazine article to a book review to a video script.

In today’s demanding environment, it isn’t enough for professionals to be ‘good’ writers, you need to be versatile, productive, efficient and effective writers.

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What recommends me?

“I want my words to change what people think and do.”

Communication Skills

I will help you create publications that speak to your audience in a language they understand.


I will listen, ask questions and I will read your work.

Subject Expertise

I will share with you the knowledge, experience and insights I have gained from over 25 years of working with hundreds of professionals on four continents.

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