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Write Winning Proposals 2020

Write Winning Proposals is designed to make your proposal preparation process a little bit easier and lot less stressful. Starting from an ‘abundance mindset’, the course offers insights and guidance on logical frameworks, theories of change and problems trees, critical thinking skills and strategies for dealing with ‘special sections’ like gender and climate change. Along the way, you will master the principles of writing in Plain English, which means reviewers are going to easily follow your arguments for why your proposal is the right match for them.

Writing Winning Proposals is made for busy professionals. Each of the seven modules is comprised of short video presentations, readings and assessments and can be completed in less than 90 minutes total time over the course of a week. There is a private Facebook group for registered users where you can share and exchange ideas with colleagues and the course instructor and get answers to specific questions. You can also sign up for one or more Personal Coaching packages for one-on-one support.

Writing proposals will never be easy or stress free, but you can be more productive and more confident that your proposal is your ‘best foot forward’ every time.

Offline Version 2020

In case you have a weak internet connection or you are on a remote location with no internet access at all, we have an offline version of the course for you. You can download the ZIP file from the link below and install the full course on an USB memory stick. Please follow this guide:

  • You need an empty USB Memory Stick with at least 2 GB capacity
  • Copy the ZIP file onto the USB stick
  • Extract the ZIP file there
  • Open the story.html file on the USB stick within your browser
  • To exit the menu or modules just close the browser windows.
  • The course can run on Windows, Linux or MacOS. You need an actual web browser installed to run the course.
  • We recommend Google Chrome browser

Download WWP 2020 Offline Version

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